In case you haven’t read the book in which I was the big heroine who solved the murder of my human mom, and saved the life of another, I want you to know that I’m really big on research and collaborated with its author to make “FIRST PERSON CAT” successful. That being said:

Since us kitties have nine lives, I’m thinking of all the collective good that could be done by combining information to share for the benefit of cats and dogs! Yes, that’s right, I said dogs.

You see whether you’ve noticed it or not, cats and dogs can be good friends. Just look at the dozens of Emails our mom’s receive, which we gaze upon with fond enjoyment, ¬showing videos of those cute family fuzzes your humans own all cavorting and yes, even cuddling together. After all, it’s mom and dad who set the household rules, right? That’s how we were all taught we could be best friends.

So it came to my mind that I could be very helpful in sharing the latest information we pick up from each other – mostly from the same place you get your smart tips: the beauty shop and the doctor’s office. We learn about the best doctors, groomers and even adoption agencies who know the most outstanding connections for a comfortable and happy home.

I’d like you to be the first to know about it -- And it’s as easy as thinking happy. Click on First Person Cat’s Animal Advocates for the latest news to help your best friend.

- First Person Cat’s
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